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WHAT I EAT IN A DAY ON THE AIP DIET: Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Meals | What My Family Eats


Here’s what I eat in a day on the paleo autoimmune protocol (AIP)!

Figuring out what to eat on the paleo autoimmune protocol (AIP) can be so tricky.

I really credit the key to my AIP success to:

-finding AIP meals I love and get excited to eat,

-customizing my AIP meals to my tastes,

-thinking outside the box,


-finding the patience to push through the initial struggle.

I created this video not so you eat ALL the same things I eat, but to help inspire you to find quick and easy AIP meals you love and get excited to eat!

I also open up and share what my non-AIP family eats, and how we make meals work for us!

While I am in the reintroduction phase, and have been for awhile, I stick to sharing mostly AIP elimination foods in this video, with the exception of a couple of AIP reintros that I mention.

Please remember each of us are different. My AIP journey will look different than yours, and I think that’s a beautiful thing. Embrace your uniqueness, and customize AIP to your life and tastes.

I am cheering you on, and sending you so much love and support as you learn to navigate AIP!

Video Notes:
00:43 AIP Breakfasts
1:20 Green Breakfast Smoothie
2:29 AIP Hashes
4:30 Vibrant Healing Soup Base
4:40 My Reintros – eggs
5:15 What my non AIP family eats for breakfast
6:08 AIP Lunches
6:20 My Favorite AIP Lunch
7:16 Where I grocery shop
8:20 Stuffed sweet potatoes
8:47 Salads
9:16 AIP salad dressing
10:40 Homemade AIP bone broth
11:26 Secret for AIP soup
11:48 AIP pizza
12:13 AIP pancakes
13:44 AIP flatbread
14:00 AIP coconut butter
14:56 My favorite food storage containers
15:06 What my family eats for lunch
17:07 Thermos
17:57 AIP Dinners
18:58 AIP seasonings
19:32 My favorite AIP recipes
19:55 How often we cook
20:55 Do we eat out?
21:28 My advice


What I Eat in a Day on AIP in the Summer

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